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Reuben Heaton Digi Scales

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:- DIMENSIONS: Overall length (including hook and hang point) – 220mm. Diameter – 120mm. Depth – 40mm. LCD Display – W45mm x H25mm. Weight – 400g.  POWER - 9v Alkaline Battery

Available in 66lbs or 135lbs.

The 7000 model has an active backlight system which gives excellent night vision for weighing without heavy battery usage.

Development of the range has been ongoing for some time now in order that the scales will meet the requirements of the modern angler in terms of performance and durability.

The software has been designed to be durable and reliable, and ensure that the battery life is maximised for prolonged use during extended fishing sessions.

All scales come with a fifty weight memory as standard which is backed up by a separate power source, allowing the main battery to be changed without memory loss. Weights can be recorded in specific numbered positions for use in match/peg specific situations, as well as being convertible from Kg to lbs.

Store and delete functions are simple to operate and designed to minimise accidental deletion or input of data

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