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Pulsar IR Flashlight

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Model X850

Pulsar IR Flashlight. Boost your infra red light source for night imaging.The latest and most powerful IR illuminator in the Pulsar line, the X850.

Designed to provide additional infrared (IR) illumination during observation with night vision devices in very low light conditions (no moon, heavy cloud etc.), including complete darkness and provides smooth power adjustment.

The new X850 allows you to:· Increase detection range · Identify objects more accurately · Provide you with a more detailed image of the observed object.

The X850's spot can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. The unfocused beam illuminates larger areas; the narrow beam light ensures longest possible viewing distance, power can be smoothly adjusted depending on viewing conditions.

All X850's come equipped with a compatible Weaver rail mount. Also included is an adaptor that allows the X850 to be connected to NV units with a ¼ inch tripod mount.

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Brands Yukon
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