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Middy Grip-Flex Pro Pole Pots

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Unique press inside to flex-open baseSafe multi-size fit on the poleLightweight firm upper construction to prevent pot shape distortionLow centre of gravity2 pots per packet with anti-spill rimsSecret micro chamber lid to give three size options
Lightweight and with a very low centre of gravity, Grip-Flex pots are easy to ship out and have a unique 'press-inside to flex-open' soft base. Press the base inside the pot and the channel that grips onto your pole will open, to make affixing or taking-off pots easy. This unique feature also allows for a strong grip, while totally protecting your pole. You get two sizes in the packet, with optional anti-spill rim lids, and then a totally unique lid to convert the smaller pot to be a micro size, that no-one can see you are using! The best pole pot design ever due to consultation with leading match anglers, including Matchman of the Year Lee Thornton, as well as Kieron Rich who reported that these pots are "light, will feed accurately and will definitely improve your catch ratio".
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