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Wychwood Big Dipper Sink tip

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Wychwood Connect series of fly lines.

These are newly designed fly lines taking into account all of the comments about previous models.
They now incorporate: A longer and heavier front taper, which allows anglers to perform tight loops when casting so that good distances are easily achieved. More water can be covered with very little effort.
The additives used during production of these PVC lines offer a slick coating and also help reduce line memory, offering ideal presentation in all fishing situations from close quarter work to targeting fish feeding at range.The core, made up of braided nylon, offers the best of both worlds when it comes to 'feel'. It has enough stiffness to register those finicky, half-hearted tugs, yet it has a small amount of 'give' which ensures smash takes are easily avoided.
All of the NEW Wychwood Connect lines incorporate a front welded loop.

For early season river fishing applications, heavy nymphing, spiders, down and across.
When it comes to presenting streamers, the Big Dipper reigns supreme.

Technical Info Distance Taper Super High Floating with a 10ft tip section which sinks at 1.5in per second

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