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Free Spirit S Range Zig Extension Pieces

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We have created a section that plugs into the middle of the rod to make Zig fishing easier and this also has other uses. This 2’ section has been designed to fit into the middle of the rod increasing the length of a 12’ to 14’ and a 13’ to 15’. Using identical 40t Low Resin Carbon (Hi-’S’) or 36t Low Resin Carbon (’S’ Range) as the rod it’s designed to fit and having accurate ground joints this zig piece makes the casting and playing fish on long zigs much easier.

Additionally the section can be used to extend the reach from the bank when fishing the margins to the left or right and for extending the rod upwards when using the beach-caster rig or when fishing with rods up to avoid tree stumps, rocks or weed beds. The additional length produces a higher arc when casting allowing greater distances to be achieved.

Simple to add in or remove from the section of your Hi-‘S’ or ‘S’ Range when needed. Sections are specific to individual models in the range.

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