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Free Spirit Hi-S Short Range (SR) Feeder Rods

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Utilising our Ultra Low Resin Carbon in 40t with 1k woven butt section for the new Short range Feeders. These are available in 7’ and 8’ and in abbreviated or cork handles versions. The 7’ has been designed to for a number of purposes – the short length makes it ideal to fish the far bank of snake lakes when conditions for the pole are tricky, for fishing down the immediate margins or for fishing across canals and drains. The 8’ version is ideal where casts of 20 to 25 meters are needed. The shorter lengths of these rods means they can be easily compressed even over these distances making accurate casting much much more achievable.

As with all Hi-‘S’ feeder rods the quiver tips are Hollow Carbon and we provide tips of ½oz and ¾oz to make them suitable for silvers as well as commercial lakes.

The blank has our ‘Perdurable’ finish meaning there is no paint or lacquer just the carbon itself and will look good through many years of service. We have used the same Fuji reel seat on the feeders as feature on the Waggler range to allow more feel through the blank from the hollow tip and the rest of the fittings compliment this perfectly. Anti-frap guides are fitted since the design is less prone to the reel line or shock leader catching the butt guide or any intermediate and causing a crack-off. Handle lengths have been set to allow easy change of direction when playing hard fighting carp.

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