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Free Spirit Hi-S Power Feeder Hollow Carbon Quiver Tips

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We offer replacement quiver tips for all the rods in the Hi-‘S’ and CTX ranges and also the option to add tips with different ratings to your arsenal.

Utilising the same Japanese carbon as the main rod sections these quiver tips are manufactured hollow as opposed to the conventional solid carbon. The tips are 635mm long and push in to the hollow joint on the rod’s top section with very little difference in the diameters of rod and quiver tip. This offers a number of distinct advantages over standard solid tips:

  • Rods feel lighter and better balanced
  • Tips communicate much more ‘feel’ down the blank giving a more direct contact with the fish.
  • The power build up for the cast is much more even making accurate casting easier through better loading of the tip.
  • Less input is needed to cast distance
  • Lighter feeders and leads can be used – especially beneficial in winter when conditions get tough – smaller feeders carrying less food can still be cast long distances
  • Torsional resistance keeps the quiver tip straighter during use so less prone to turn round or come loose.
  • No flats spots in the action of the rod
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