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THE Hi-‘S’ NETIn response to popular demand we have developed the Hi-‘S’ Net. Made from the same 40t Ultra Low Resin Carbon as the Hi-‘S’ Range rods the handle is very slim, light yet due to the quality of carbon still very strong. Finished with Japanese shrink rubber grips and all stainless steel components, we offer handle versions of 6’ one piece and 8’ two piece - the latter being very suitable for boat work as well as having longer reach. There are two versions of arms available - one with 42” and the larger 46”, one we favour since this will cope with much larger carp, pike and most catfish as can be encountered in many French lakes for example.THE ‘S’ NETLight weight, strong and made from the very same 36t Low Resin Carbon as used on the ‘S’-Range rods and having no lacquer to pit or disintegrate on the main part of the handle and featuring our shrink rubber main and fore grips and stainless steel butt cap and threaded end.Produced from the same Low Resin Carbon for weight and strength benefits we offer 3 handle variations and 4 different arm options.This makes for flexibility as different sets of arms can be bought to suit different fishing situations and all will fit the same handle, either the 6’ one piece, the 8’ two piece or the 9’6” two piece - the latter being very useful for high banked rivers as well as shallow margined lakes. The arms are available in 36”, 42”, 46” and 55”.THE ‘E’-Net<p>The ‘E’ Net matches our new series of ‘E’-Class rods being built from the same material with ‘Perdurable’ finish and to the same material specification. All components are stainless steel and with arms of 46” will cope with larger carp or catfish and ideal for French trips. The isotope is available separately. The 6’ one piece handle is finished with shrink rubber grips and a net clip.
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  1. Free Spirit S Net Handles

    As low as £105.00
  2. Free Spirit Hi-S Net Handles

    As low as £139.00
  3. Free Spirit E Net Arms & Cord

    As low as £39.00
  4. Free Spirit S Net Arms & Cord

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  5. Free Spirit Hi-S Net Arms & Cord

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  6. Free Spirit Landing Net Meshes

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  7. Free Spirit CTX 4m Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3 Sections)

  8. Free Spirit CTX 4m Combi Match Landing Net Handle

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