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Free Spirit CTX Match Waggler Rods

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Actions have been critically designed and tested to ensure there is an even build-up of power from the very tip through the middle and joint and into the butt section to stop powerful fish on light gear but without bottoming out when control gets lost.

Using high quality carbons allows us to reduce the handle lengths for perfect fish playing whilst still keeping the rod well balanced and ensures the tip is responsive for casting small wagglers accurately but still allows splashers and large pellet wagglers to be cast with ease due to the steady loading of the carbon – the high modulus meaning the action will never feel stodgy or soft.

Standard models of 9’, 10’ and 11’ are designed for the majority of commercial carp lakes with the ‘S’ 11 and ‘S’ 12 models being more powerful for use on larger venues such as Barston and Clattercote where longer casts are required to stay in contact with the fish. These models feature handles that are a little longer to provide more leverage for casting.

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