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Jason Haywards Exclusive MP1 Pop Ups

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MP1.Sweet fruits/sour cream with a spice background.Contains;MP base mix, Eggs, low level food oil, nutritional emulsifier, powdered Chemo-stim, Salt, Lactose concentrate, Fruit flavourings, Sour cream extract, Spice oleoresin, Vit/min compound.Colour; natural/off white colour. Size 14mm.
The Milk protein (MP) range.We have some very special pop up hook baits, available now, all based on a very high quality milk protein base.The base mix is one of Jason’s old school recipes that is highly attractive to Carp in its own right and uses some very special, exclusive (and expensive!) carp catching ingredients and attractors.The mix has been updated for 2014 to make it extremely buoyant for today’s modern day rigs.These baits will keep your rig popped up for DAYS!The first to be released from the range are 3 exclusive and highly effective pop ups, that come in 3 different attractor packages and colours.These baits work superbly as single hook baits or an alternative high attract hook bait over a bed of bait.The baits are delicately heated in a very unique manner developed by Jason to preserve the effectiveness of some of the ingredients. They are not boiled, fried, baked, microwaved etc. (Sorry we are not telling either)The attractor packages and combinations are proven fish catchers, taken from Jason’s own recipe book and are totally unique to SS Hooks, and all the baits have a terrific fish catching history.The attractors in the MP1 in particular has a serious track record with sorting out the big commons!
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