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Mainline Mini Pop-ups

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DEDICATED BASE MIX MINI POP-UPSPart of the comprehensive range of dedicated base mix hookbaits, these ‘mini’ pop-ups provide the perfect solution for anglers wishing to ‘scale down’ their hookbait presentation without compromise…Small, mini hookbaits have become an integral part of carp fishing in the present day, where in many cases the fish have a raised caution created by angling pressure. Reliable buoyant, these mini pop-ups mean you can now fish scaled down rigs in these situations with the added confidence of using your favourite freezer bait flavours such as Cell, New Grange and Hybrid. Safe in the knowledge that the performance of your rig will not be compromised!12mm 150ml tubs.Available in:HybridNew GrangeCell
Mainline Mini Pop-ups
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