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Sticky Baits Hydro Ink Liquid

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Made using a blend of completely natural squid ink and a superb hydrolysed fish protein extract, this really is a little bit special.Completely PVA friendly.Supplied in a 1 litre jerry can.
From a nutrition and attraction stand point the Hydro Ink ranks along side the very best, and during our testing it even out fished the king of food liquids, L-Zero-30!The thick, jet-black liquid has an endless amount of uses, but guarantees a dense cloud of attraction that will linger around your baited spot. We’ve found the Hydro Ink is an awesome way to avoid the bird life if using lighter coloured baits such as the Vor-Tex. Simply soak your pellets and boilies overnight and the Hydro Ink will completely change their appearance, buying you a few hours of peace and quiet from our feathered friends!
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