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Ultima Power Carp

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Ultima Power Carp clear
The reputation of Power Carp® continues to grow both in the UK and throughout Europe as it is adopted as the line of choice by more and more top anglers who have discovered that Power Carp® is unmatched by any other product.The strength of Power Carp® in relation to it's diameter is astonishing, as is it's abrasion resistance. But the thing that really sets Power Carp® apart is it's incredibly low stretch factor that gives the angler vastly improved bite detection when fishing at distance compared with other mono's.If this wasn't enough, the fluorocarbon coating makes the line less visible as well as maintaining it's knot strength at 100% no matter how long it is submerged in water.12.0lb  5.5Kg    0.31   14.0lb      6.5Kg       0.33    16.0lb   7.2Kg     0.36  “Power Carp is a truly remarkable lineand the line against which all othercarp lines must be judged.”Lee Jackson
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