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Ultima Pure Power

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Make no mistake, Ultima Pure Power® Carp is unlike any other fluorocarbon. Pure Power® is made using a unique softening process that makes it much more castable than other fluorocarbons.It is also the first pure fluorocarbon to be produced in a coloured version as well as clear. This colouring has chameleon like properties and blends in perfectly with it's surroundings on the lake bed.As a pure fluorocarbon, Pure Power® sinks like a stone and follows the contours of bottom, eliminating any chance of spooking wary fish when slack line fishing. An awesome product.12.0lb         5.50Kg0.32    14.0lb         6.80Kg0.34    16.0lb                 7.20Kg        0.36 “For clear water conditions and forwhen you want to get your line downas quickly as possible, Pure Poweris the only choice because of it'sunique suppleness, unmatched in anyother fluorocarbon.”Steve RenyardUltima Carp Team UK
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