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Taska Baseline Tungsten Kwik Change Sinkers

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Once again a unique first from Taska: Tungsten Kwick Change Sinkers...The days of pinching split shot on the hooklength are over, simply insert the hooklink into the groove of the sinker and that's it! These Tungsten Sinkers are soft to the touch and are dense enough to hold down a pop-up or wafter, gripping perfectly without damaging the hooklink. The height of the pop-up can easily be adjusted by simply moving the sinker up or down. Another great use for the sinkers is to place one up the mainline as a back weight, ideal for weedy waters where ejection is of paramount importance.10 pieces per packRange:TAS1121 AAA - 0.8gTAS1122 AB - 0.6gTAS1123 BB - 0.4gTAS1124 No.1 - 0.3g
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