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Kryston Heavy Metal Extra Putty

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Back in 1990 when we first introduced our famous putty to the market anglers greeted it with open arms.This was entirely due to it being far better than anything else on the market. Its incredible weight to size ratio meant that anglers could now fine-tune and critically-balance their pop-ups to a degree never before possible.No longer did they have to use huge lumps of putty often the size of a boilie to counterbalance their baits. For the first time a lead free alternative was available that offered superior presentation far in excess of anything before. Sadly in 2006 the specialist processing company who produced it for us were forced to close down. With our backs to the wall that left us with one remaining option…we would have to make it ourselves! Following considerable investment in plant and machinery plus countless hours of experimental trials we are delighted to announce that Heavy Metal is back and, what’s more, it’s better than ever.The original formula has been fine-tuned to give better adhesion, greater grip, easier manipulation with no loss of weight and, most importantly, no increase in price.HEAVY METAL TRIO-- 3 COLOURS IN 1 POTHeavy Metal Trio is ideal for those who fish diverse waters that require different background camouflage, one tub gives you the perfect shades to cover all angling situations. Hardens in water, will not fall off like inferior soft putties on sale. Will not damage line like shot. Weight is comparable to lead. RECOMMENDED GUIDE FOR HEAVY METAL-- For winter and cold conditions use Heavy Metal Extra Original Silt. Super Heavy, Tremendous Adhesion, Non-toxic and Fully Re-usableFor summer and warm conditions use Heavy Metal Green or Brown.Heavy Metal Extra Availability * Olive Green – Pebble Brown – Natural SiltTrio, Three colours in one pot.
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