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Partridge Draper Flat Bodied Nymph

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Size 10 Only
Partridge Draper Flat Bodied Nymph hooks. DRAPER FLAT-BODIED NYMPH HOOKS A special hook as a base for all types of flat broad bodied nymph patterns. Straight eye. These hooks came from the suggestion by Keith Draper of Taupo in New Zealand. Originally they were not bronzed and the body of the hook was not tapered. Then Partridge redesigned them with a tapered body and bronzed them for ease of manufacture. They are used for all types of nymphs in the U.S.A. Experiments have caused their use as sea trout flies. They can be weighted or floated by putting either lead or cork between the shanks. Bronze finish. Per packet of 10 hooksOnly Sizes 8 and 10 left
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