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Airflo Ridge Clear Slow Intermediate

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The Airflo Ridge Clear range is just that, a range of clear fly lines with nothing added and nothing taken away. The pure nature of the coating and clear core optimises the clarity for ultimate stealth.Each fly line has a low optical density to enable it to disappear in water.Why the Airflo Ridge Clear Series? From experience with existing Floating ridge fly lines, Airflo just knew how much better the lines shot through the guides and wanted to offer the advantage in there new CLEAR line range.When the Ridges fill with water the clarity is incredible and this also helps effectively lubricate the fly line on each and every cast. Unlike some coating techniques, the ridges run along the lines full length and flow well through the rod guides with a minimum of noise, this indicates how little friction is being produced.The lines come in a Floating, Slow Inter with a sink rate of 0.5” and a Fast inter with a sink rate of 1.5”. The lines are 35yds long and come in our favourite Delta Taper profile for the ultimate combination of distance and presentation.
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