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Nash Monster Carp Zip Sack

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Comes with Safety marker float.
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Zip Sack ( Safety System )Made from the original airflow material that Kevin Nash identified for its superior oxygen exchange, whilst ensuring a dark environment to keep carp calm and stress free. This airflow material is far superior to cheap mesh sacks that could result in the dA safety cord and fluorescent H-block is attached to the special heavy-duty ring located at the zip closure. At the other end is an additional heavy-duty ring, which is attached to a 4 metre retaining cord for securing the sack to your bankstick etc. The Nash Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System) is the first to incorporate a fluorescent H-block marker to ensure a carp can be safely found and recovered should the sack detach from its retaining cord. Note: Kevin Nash developed this system after experiences in France where muskrats were chewing through the retaining cords on carp sacks. To avoid this happening with the sickening result of a lost carp entombed in a sack, Nash recommend that you always use the Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System). 
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