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Primus OmniFuel Stove +0.6l Fuel Bottle.

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The Best Stove on the Market.
Primus OmniFuel Stove +0.6l Fuel Bottle.The PRIMUS OmniFuel stove, which is a refinement of the PRIMUS MultiFuel stove, uses advanced engineering to offer advanced functionality in all conditions and with all fuels. OmniFuel works with liquid fuels such as LP gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and even aviation fuel. Many of today's multifuel stoves do this. However, OmniFuel also works with gas canisters like the PRIMUS PowerGas, Snow Peak GigaPower, Brunton Bruntane, and other gas canister systems with standard Lindal Valve threading, giving the OmniFuel unmatched flexibility and earning it a coveted Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award for excellence. OmniFuel burns it all, in all conditions. If you cannot choose between liquid fuel or gas canister, or want the ability to burn both, then the OmniFuel is the obvious choice. 464 g weight. Multi Tool, and Windscreen/Heat Reflector Set included.
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