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Daiwa Matchwinner C2 13.0m Pole

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(Fitted with 3mm Top 3 Match Kit)

Supplied with:

  • Three Power top three kits (4mm tip)
  • Phex Cupping Kit with cups
  • Holdall and tubes
  • Over 13.0m total length with Phex fitted.

The Match Winner pole line up truly is one range.

All models have been developed using the same mandrel profile, ensuring maximum cross compatibility of the kits,

The short half No4 section and the power mini extensions.

High grade carbons have been utilised throughout with dedicated areas of reinforcement applied selectively to limit the addition of unnecessary weight.

All models are fitted with a match top three (3mm tip), with all spare match and power kits also pre cut and bushed with UK made Pure PTFE bushes (3mm and 4mm).

Plus, all feature a pre-bore wrap for fitting side pullers.

Each pole is also fishable further than its stated length with the respective Phex applied, converting too into a formidable short range pole with the rigid mini extensions engaged.

All are supplied with a dedicated a cupping kit and cups,

holdall and tubes.

Without doubt Match Winner is our best pole family ever.

Full range of Match Winner poles are developed on the same mandrels All kits are pre-bushed with UK made Pure PTFE bushes.

All kits are pre-bore wrapped for fitting side pullers.

Section alignment system Slide easy matt paint finish on cosmetic sections.

ITS tape finish on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sections All poles supplied with high grade mini extension fitting #09, #10 & 11B.

Supplied with cupping kit and cups Supplied in holdall with tubes.

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