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Glo-Brite floss

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Glo-Brite floss
Glo-Brite Floss.A superb single strand floss for tails, bodies, ribbing, heads, etc. If greater thickness is required, it is easily tied in doubled, trebled or fourfold.Per spoolPer selection box of all 16 coloursGlo-Brite fluorescent materials are the best available. The range consists of sixteen colours in three material: Floss, multiyarn and suede chenille. The colours are colourfast, fully fluorescent and constant in shade. With such an extensive choice of colours and materials, Glo-Brite enables the advantages of fluorescents to be incorporated into many more patterns than was previously possible.The Glo-Brite Fluorescent colour range is:Shade 1  Neon Magenta, Shade 2  Glo-Brite Pink, Shade 3 Glo-Brite Crimson,Shade 4 Glo-Brite Scarlet, Shade 5 Fire Orange,Shade 6 Glo-Brite Hot Orange,Shade 7  Glo-Brite Orange, Shade 8 Glo-Brite Amber, Shade 9 Glo-Brite Chrome Yellow, Shade 10  Glo-Brite Yellow, Shade 11 Phosphor Yellow,Shade 12  Glo-Brite Lime Green, Shade 13  Glo-Brite Green, Shade 14 Glo-Brite Blue,Shade 15  Glo-Brite Purple, Shade 16 Glo-Brite White.Shades 1 to 4 are very effective at dawn, dusk or on dull days.Shades 5 to 9 are good on bright daysShades 10 to 13 are attractive in coloured water or when light is dull.Shades 14 to 16 give extra visibility in clear water under all conditions
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