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Bite Light

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Pack contains:

  • 4 Bitelights
  • 6 Strips of vulcanised rubber
  • 1 Section of shrink tube

Perfect for long range spodding, pike, sea fishing and markers.

Perfect for most fishing situations. Negative buoyancy in even the deepest venues. Nano are available as a standard bulb or a superbright (for sea, long zigs and large jellies). Red is recommended for shallow water (under 12ft) and is a proven trigger colour for many species. The blue nanos are excellent all rounders and will work in all conditions and depths. The green is recommended for deep water, sea fishing or very murky conditions, but can be lethal in the right conditions. 

If you are a proactive angler the Flight Light is definately for you. With bulbs that can be clearly seen at 300yds the Flight Light range allow you to bait up at any range in any weather and always know exactly where your bait is going.

Some of the very best anglers in the game have been involved with the development of this product and many of you will have seen Ryan Need and Wayne Mansford destroying the field at this years BCAC semi final using the Flight Lights for the first time in competition.

Initially we are launching 3 models, Ryan Needs favourite green nano, Wayne Mansford's preffered blue nano and Flight Light namer Ryan Mallon's favourite blue midi model. More will come when passed through our tester team.

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