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Nash RS-1 Bite Alarm | Red

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The most advanced bite indication system in the world.The result of a tri- development cooperation with Kevin Nash, designing features to meet on bank criteria with one of the UK'S leading electronics and radio technology companies and manufactured by a world class electronics corporation, specialising in electronics components for German and Italian high performance car brands, the armed forces and the space communications industry. This unique partnership merges unrivalled carp fishing innovation with leading UK research and devlopment. KEY FEATURES Bulletproof reliability - Virtually Indestructible , high impact , water resistant , polycarbonate casing ( the material used for riot shields ) that ensures trouble - free operation and total performance in all weather conditions. Rock Solid Rod Support - Screw in stainless steel snag ears ensure rock solid rod location in margin and snag fishing situations. Back –Lit Rod Guide - Night diffused , low intensity rod location illumination, eradicating the need for expensive beta lights. Prism Wheel Illumination Technology - Split Prism illuminated wheel provides intensive visual indication , sighted from any angle and visual even on bright days ( unlike conventional LEDs where in-line sighting with the lens is necessary to see properly) Bobbin Guard - Optional wheel guard can be fitted when fishing long-drop bobbins to avoid the bobbin contacting the wheel or riding over the head ( This prevents the age – old problem of long drop bobbins jamming on a take, with the potential for line breakage and loss. ) Stealth Mute Function - On/off control with stealth mute function to mute head whilst positioning rod and adjusting bobbins or to silence head completely. The function ensures you can adjust your set up quietly without fear of spooking carp or disturbing neighboring anglers. Integrated Bobbin Attachment – Integrated M5 thread to attach to attach bobbin. The dedicated Nash Slix Indicators ( sold separately ) provide you with a comprehensive range of weight and colour options to match the RS-1 head wheel. This unique feature allowing you to attach your indicator / bobbin to the head eliminates the need for hockey stick / indicator brackets attached via the main thread underneath the alarm , eradicating the annoying tendency of the hockey stick persistently loosening and being out of alignment with the head. ( Anchor Bracket sold seperately so RS-1 alarms can be used with all types of indicators / bobbins. ) RF Range - Range up to 200m ( dependant on atmospheric conditions and land contours ) Requires - 2 x AAA Batteries
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