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Kryston Meltex 10mm Super Slim PVA Tape

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KRYSTON MELT-EX SUPER SLIM PVA TAPE Produced from the same high quality embossed PVOH film as the bags. Flat profile grips and locks baits into position without slipping even during the hardest cast.The 10mm Super Slim makes a superb carrier for standard baits, particles and all mini offerings right down to 6mm. Its anti-static coating allows it to peel off the spool like a dream. Unlike clear film tape it does not cling and stick together. Will not go floppy in humid or damp conditions. When judged by our sales this superb tape must be the best stringer material on the market. It makes knotting bags simple and a small section is ideal to prevent your hook from being masked by underwater debris. Super strong with all season dissolve comes complete with waterproof container. Unreservedly recommended for all PVA enthusiasts. 15m Spools
Kryston Meltex 10mm Super Slim PVA Tape
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