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Korda Wide Gape Hooks

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A true classic hook pattern that has accounted for some of the trickiest carp everFeatures a downturned eye and beaked pointBend is flat-forged for extra strengthRange goes from size 12 to 4
The Wide Gape hook has become a true design classic, and has accounted for more big carp than any other pattern. It was based on the cult Maruta Kinryu pattern that found favour with the likes of Terry Hearn in the 1990s. The five-degree in-turned eye, short shank, heavily forged bend and beaked point combine to give anglers a hooked-to-landed ratio far in excess of anything else that's achievable. It can be used for pop-up and bottom-bait presentations and is the hook to opt for when fishing for the very biggest and trickiest carp around.
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