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Korda Leadcore Chod Safety System

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Key features

  • Leadcore version of the No-Trace System
  • For use with helicopter set-ups
  • Allows the hook link to eject from the leader
  • Easy to fit onto your leader

Each Leadcore Chod Safety System contains:

  • 8 x Chod Sleeves
  • 8 x Barrel Beads
  • 12 x No-Trace Beads

Spare No-Trace Beads are also sold separately.

This incorporates our No-Trace System and creates a completely safe set up for use on leadcore, and similar diameter leader materials such as the fused Dark Matter range. It is designed such that should your main line break above the leader knot, your hook link can easily come free from the leader and all the fish is left with is the trace, rather than towing around a leader, or worst still a lead as well. Even some of the safer leadcore helicopter set-ups have always suffered from the potential for weed or debris to build up on the knot and potentially prevent rubber beads from pulling over it and allowing the hook link to come free. But the No-Trace Beads solve that issue because as soon as they are pulled free from the retaining rubber Chod Sleeve, which holds them securely in place on the leader for casting and normal use, the slit in the side allows the bead to drop off of the leader altogether, leaving your size 11 Ring Swivel (not supplied as part of this system) to easily be pulled over any leadcore knot or splice. At the lead end a Barrel Bead acts as a buffer. The whole system is easily fitted onto your leader and can be used with both chod rigs and conventional helicopter set-ups, such as a Heli-Safe System.

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