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Harrison Torrix 12' 3.25lb Carp Rod

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Beautifully balanced, ultra slim carp rod
Designed for distance casting
High modulus UD carbon blank
1k woven fabric finish of the butt, right up to the joint on the tip
Tough ribcage of carbon scrim on the inside of the tip
Delivers accurate & effortless casting with fantastic fish playing action
Kigan 3D 50mm ring set
Fuji DPS 18 reel seat
Solar stainless steel collars and butt cap
Abbreviated handle with slim 5inch EVA grip and discreet small logos
Long-life blank finish
Built in the UK to the highest standard

Harrison Torrix Rod

Known as the benchmark for the modern carp rod that other tackle manufactures strive to achieve, the Torrix rod from Harrison is the classic 12ft performance rod. Harrison understands rod building like no other, which is why it has mixed materials that offer compression tension balance in with the high modulus carbon fibre to construct its famous Torrix rod blank. High modulus carbon has many benefits in terms of rod rigidity, but it often falls down in terms of strength. This could cause premature lock up – not something you want when you’re tackling a hard fighting carp.
Harrison is a brand that won’t settle for compromise and its unique mix of materials ensures that you don’t have to either.

The Torrix also sports 1k carbon weave on the butt. This is much more than just a cosmetic enhancement and offers additional toughness where you need it the most. There is also a little 1k carbon at the joint of the tip section, but as the tip has a tough carbon scrim ribcage it doesn’t require 1k all the way to the tip. Available in 3lb and 3.25lb test curves, both curve options offer you a choice of either 40mm or 50mm guide rings on the butt. This allows you to tailor your rod to your needs. Slim, lightweight, and well balanced, the Torrix allows you to achieve incredible distances without sacrificing on rod performance.

Harrison Advanced Rods produces all its rods right here in the UK, which isn’t something all of the top UK tackle designers can say. This ensures that Harrison has full control over every element of the rod – from initial design to final product. Rods produced by companies in the Far East for British brands can’t promise the same familiarity with the British carp fishing scene as rods produced in the UK, like Harrison’s are. If you’re an avid carp angler who wants a high performance rod, you need look no further than Torrix by Harrison.

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