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Gold Label Pro Clear Line

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Superior Co-polymer technologyLow visibility Matt ClearAccurate breaking strain and diametersMore abrasion resistant than other linesUltra supple with reduced memoryDesigned for fixed spool reelsPro Clear 14lb - 0.32mmPro Clear 16lb - 0.34mm1000 meter spools
Gold Label Tackle were the first U>K company to introduce a clear fishing line specifically aimed at the European Specimen Angler. Pro-Clear is manufactured to the same high standards as Pro-Gold buy is available in our exclusive 'MATT CLEAR' finish for low visibility and low reflection.Diameter for diameter, Pro-Clear is by far the most ABRASION RESISTANT line that we have ever tested. It is even tougher than Pro-Gold, yet still casts smoothly and performs exceptionally on fixed spool reels.Very high KNOT STRENGTH and SHOCK ABSORBENCY allow Pro-Clear to be used with total confidence whether at extreme range or under the rod tip. Advanced computer control, combined with an impeccable quality control system, ensures precise, uniform diameters for a consistently reliable line.Terry was the first U.K. angler to truly appreciate the advantages of abrasion resistance qualities in mono lines. Prior to Terry introducing such a line the term “Abrasion Resistant” was never used in the UK to describe fishing lines. Nowadays it seems that every line is claimed to be abrasion resistant, some claims are reasonably valid, some are ludicrous. For the truly discerning angler who appreciates the tremendous advantages of a super soft abrasion resistant line, prefers a low-visibility clear line, wants to know the precise breaking strain before knotting; demands high knot strength coupled with excellent shock absorbency, we present a new dimension in fishing lines – Pro-Clear. It’s what the top lads are using when the cameras aren’t rolling – we know who you are, but don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us
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