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Delkim DuoCarb

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Delkim Duo Carb

The Delkim DuoCarb™ Pivoting Hanger Support is a groundbreaking NEW product. It was designed around the concept that the free hanging visual indicator or hanger gives the best overall visual indication of a bite but may not be perfect for all situations or tastes, particularly in very windy conditions.

When set up the DuoCarb™ can be used to instantly support the NiteLite Pro™ Illuminating Hanger or any hanger as needed.

The extendable twin carbon fibre frame adds only 3g effective weight and supports the hanger perfectly with no sideways movement.

When required the DuoCarb™ can be instantly detached from the NiteLite Pro™ and allowed to hang down unconnected or it can be quickly removed altogether for storage.

NOTE - The DuoCarb™ has been designed specifically to be used in combination with the NiteLite Pro™ Illuminating Hanger to give optimum performance, however the universal adapter also allows attachment to the original NiteLite and most other manufacturers hangers.

GROUNDBREAKING NEW PRODUCT* - Stabilises hangers in wind and eliminates "bobbin creep"

UNIQUE CARBON FIBRE TUBULAR DESIGN - Rigid, lightweight and adjustable

INNOVATIVE 'Trombone slide' LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - 120-200mm (5-8 inches)

DEDICATED QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM - For NiteLite Pro™ and Delkim Plus range bite alarms

UNIVERSAL ADAPTOR - Fits original NiteLite (and most other manufacturers hangers)PRICE - £15.00

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