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Kryston Bogey

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Bogey is a unique sticky jelly-like glue that enables you to create solid seed hook-baits from the particle of your choice. Any dry seed or beans, any size, any shape! On the bottom, popped up, the choice is endless. Small fish-proof hook-baits that will not break down can be made in seconds. Try a ball of hemp soaked in flavour over a bed of boiled hemp. The dry seeds on the Bogey bait will absorb a substantial amount of the flavour, once immersed your hook-bait will give a slow constant release in your swim. Bogey particle baits have accounted for tremendous catches at the times when boilies are not productive. Sticks Hempseed, Tiger Nuts, Peanuts, Maples and much more. Place a tiny sliver onto your braid or mono as a base for Heavy Metal, it locks it into place permanently making the putty immovable. Superb for barbel, carp, tench and many other species.
Kryston Bogey
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